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aliviavaughns Community member
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Every time I attempt what I'm attempting right now,


Every time I attempt

what I'm attempting right now,

it ends up as some sad cliche

plea about love and that

sounds like a line in a bad rom-com

I don't know if this

poem will stop my heart, my mind

every thought from focusing on your eyes

I don't know if there is any way around the

problem itself, which is that I can't stop

the pounding in my chest like a college drumline

come to life in my blood & it's halftime.

Sometimes when I write I hope putting

my thoughts down on the page will

make them leave my heart like the draining

of poison & I want the writing of my words to

be as cathartic as that feeling & to look like a string being pulled

out of my veins into the world

I write about them often & maybe it's because

I can never say what I'm actually thinking

for fear of the phrase that follows & maybe

it's because there's nothing else I can say

except your eyes are like a fix of melted chocolate

so sweet like the taste of rain

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