Finmixos boutique -part 1 out of 2-
Finmixos boutique -part 1 out of 2- fox stories

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hello everyone! so uhm i had to split it into parts cause of the character limit. but anyway finmixo has to find pira before the earth fades.

Finmixos boutique -part 1 out of 2-

chapter 1; dreams

hi I'm finmixo and by my name you might think I'm a fox and I am, I'm now 17.

my parents had a dream of a boutique, we used to have a very big garden,

like all of our yard which was about 100 feet long and our house wasn't too shabby except for the fact there were cord chargers everywhere cause I wrote books and printed them out

and I wanted to be an author when I grew up and now I have my little business with a bunch of books but that will be explained later.

they gathered enough money and bought a run-down hut down tokou street which wasn't a good looking street all of the stores and houses had mold and moss growing around them and the rust on

them was insane, the little hut we bought wasn't too bad, well from the outside, we just ripped off vines and took out the dead plants in the windows and moved inside but the inside was bad,

like really bad to the point I didn't even wanna clean it and I wanna clean the weirdest things and don't care to do the dishes clean mold out of milk cups, clean up dog poop, you get the idea?

We decided to go back home and look on our computers for Jaylen's shop and her new vacuum 8000 renewed cause it could suck up anything you told it to and it was only 35 dollars.

We continued searching until I screamed from my room "I FOUND IT!" my parents rushed to my room "ok let's see where it can be delivered on Sunday which is tomorrow.

" we quickly purchased it and started dinner, mmm my favorite ramen noodles.

I opened the cabinet and grabbed the six-pack of ramen and dumped all of them in the pot which was heated to 6 high and threw the garbage away,

my dad stirred it and put seasoning in the bowl we waited for the noodles to get done so we went to the living room and turned on the tv and watched mitinia the adventurer which was

a movie version, there was a series which I watched only a million times and the movie came out a couple of days ago which I haven't seen.

I also had all the books from under the waters to a miracle time.

chapter 2; Carella

then a Lil later like a week or so my mom uhm got infected with Carella which is a disease that warriors got a long long time ago which people don't get a lot anymore,

it's rare for someone around my mom's age to get it, she was around late 30s early 40s and it was more common around my age so I couldn't see her for a week and then it killed her...

they used to have a vaccine for it than to many people got it and it rose to 1M dollars and officially went out of selling.

my dad saw her a couple of times cause well he got the vaccine cause his parents were making 100M every 10 years so they gave him it when he was my age, unfortunately,

they live on the other side of the world which isn't that far cause about 60 years ago the fox and bunny hybrids had to move from earth to yuklan which isn't far and yuklan is the size

of Canada and USA merged, I know this cause I have a 70-year-old teacher who taught is about earth states and countries and all that,

but anyway the vaccine is a now type thing or in 30 minutes and it takes about 30 days for it to get here. so they couldn't get it for my mom or me.

so I just stood outside talking to Jaylen then my father walked out crying then I saw a straight line on a monitor then we were both crying....

?????? ?????? ???????? Jaylen heard us crying and she suddenly came over it was like she teleported. I'm sorry she joined me and my father's group hug.

Then I searched in my backpack for a pen and paper and wrote in my secret language; aroua erue haius laodh jaudh tijz.

then Jaylen looked over and said "watcha writing??

" she knew my secret language so I quickly pressed the paper against my chest and squeaked "nothing!" "oh silly me, what " she played shes good at scaring people to tell her stuff.

"fine, aroua erue haius laodh jaudh tijz." "WAIT WHAT?!" she shouted. "chill its fine coma Haus aojeda" "coma Haus aojeda" we chanted.

my dad drove us home and Jaylen asked if she could stay over since her dad went to Entina for a business trip and her mom is in Frae for the same reason. "sure."

chapter 3; sacred woods

my mom always read me a book called the sacred woods, and I loved it so much. I even read it in front of my class and played it out.

even after the video went viral a famous actor and movie producer made a movie after the author's permission,

I thought that was the best day ever so all and all I went over to my sleepover and had ice cream at 1 in the morning!

I was thinking if this was even possible, then we stayed up watching the movie that came out for sacred woods,

it was cool and spot on which you don't see a lot nowadays with the books and movies.

so I was glad it was spot on cause it was 1 of my favorite books, I knew it like the back of my hand, I also got to see yusi,

which I haven't seen since grade school so we talked and talked and we realized something, I loved to write (which is why I'm writing this story) yusi loved to draw,

and Jaylen could publish and edit since her dad is coming back from an Enito country! so she'd be an expert on the whole proper things and all.

we all had phones to keep in touch (Yusi just got hers a week ago) so we could give each other the stuff!

we had to go home sadly and we said our byes then that night I was typing on my phone for about a couple of hours or so cause my charger was on my nightstand and it was a plugin so it

was charging while we were all exchanging script ideas

chapter 4; books;

mine was; a girl who discovers that her mom was half angel and she must save them from the demovis' they weren't a fan of that so Yusi said her idea was; a normal school girl becomes

a princess can she keep her cover?? we thought it was good but a usually common 1 that everyone could come up with.

and Jaylen thought; a CIA agent becomes a dog and cant become human again only to find out he was a doggen and he must find out how to become a human again.

we all loved that idea so the next day we told our teachers our ideas to see which she thought and she said "combine them into 1 so you all have your ideas and you all are happy"

at lunch break we ate our pizwancha and sighed how are we supposed to do that?? "how bout this??

I told them; a CIA agent becomes a doggen and still has to save the world from demovis' and meets a nerdy girl who secretly is a princess who half angel.

" we loved that idea so we started on the script. after a week we finished the script and printed it out, then showed our parents.

"it's good but here's what I think we should do to it" my father sat me down.

"we need more characters you see, all of these characters making problems and fixing them arent gonna make a story as more of an idea that needs to be evolved, and,

if you just say moonlight snatched it and ran into the moon it just makes a nice little description not evolving onto the story or what she stole.

" I understood him and said, "thanks dad ill work on it tomorrow and see what the girls' feedback is.", so we went to bed and met up and yual highs school gates.

chapter 5; secrets;

we talked about our feedback and then it was my turn, "so what did your dad say??

" "this is exactly what he said if he was talking to me; we need more characters you see,

all of these characters making problems and fixing them arent gonna make a story as more of an idea that needs to be evolved, and,

if you just say moonlight snatched it and ran into the moon it just makes a nice little description not evolving onto the story or what she stole." "ohhh" they slapped their forehead.

"of course!" yusi exclaimed we stared at her eyes when they flickered from pink to blue then pink she stared back, "what?" she asked, confused. "your eyes flickered colors!" we panicked.

she denied it but we knew something was up.

Jaylen was scary, but I made a, even more, scarier look which made them almost wet their pants- I took it off and said "now tell US!" I shouted, good thing school wasn't actually in session.

she stuttered and said, "its pira".

we looked at each other and I thought JJ (Jaylen) was gonna pass out!

she looked so shocked then I remembered my mom saying she had to go to miralan when she died, so I asked yusi, "does pira know what miralan is???" she was confused "i think so, yo pira ya know what miralan is???" she asked the voice in her head. a blue shadow changed from pastel to a human-looking thing but- no... A MIAWES I screamed a spell that I thought was fake but;" LIA OPA GUWAHA SO MORAH!" then she suddenly vanished. I saw Yusi suddenly drown in a pool of tears and she managed to say "YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND!" and she ran home. JJ was asleep, typical JJ, I went home telling my father what had happened. he said it would be ok and she'd forgive me but I wasn't so sure about that, I ate my pasnch and went to bed slamming my door and locking it slowly

chapter 6; into the night

packed my bags crying and slung my backpack over my shoulder then I saw something popping all over my yard I was scared and confused, I didn't let it bother me and left my house then...

it grabbed me while I was running across my yard, I packed a knife to cut some food so I managed to grab it and cut not hard incase it was yudi which was yusi's sister but they were more like twi

ns. I went on and arrived at JJ's house and climbed in her window, perfect, she was asleep I went into the closet and fell asleep oh HECK! I FORGOT TO TURN OFF MY ALARM! it rang like the stairs c

reaking in the night but worse, RRRRIIINNNGGG. she woke up, I forgot she was a woian so her ears must've been aching all day that day. anyway, she heard where the noise was coming from and ran ov

er there. she looked in the closet and squealed so did I and her mom shouted "IM HOME!!" she had a nice tone to her voice.

Thank you for reading part one By Chloe luk Finmixos boutique

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