Loving You
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Love and discovery

Loving You

Tell me, do you truly love me?

My heart whispers sweet bitterness into my mind and tells me that you wish I looked more like


Do you love me?

I stare into your eyes and I can't help but get lost

The maps are in another language

So when I ask you to translate your mind

I want you to dive deeper

With me

Do you love me?

You say that you can't imagine a life without me

But life without your heart isn't worth living

No, life without your eyes isn't worth seeing

Do you love me?

When you ask me if I love you

I don't know what to say

I do love you

But my heart can't beat without yours giving me the tempo

My lips can't move if you don't teach me the choreography

My mind can't see your heart if you don't show me

Tell me

Do you love me, too?

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