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I stepped out of the body allowing my soul to be free.

Allowing it to wonder amongst others unnoticed

My drained body was cold and dull

While the soul wondered with liveliness

Yet how did the soul escape?

Why did it escape?

T’was once said that we should take care of our bodies,

It’s the only place you have to live

But the figure was unbearable,

Its desire was to give hate, think hate and see hate

The form showed a constant disgust,

Inducing the soul to be trapped

The soul felt every emotion and,

Was able to conceal it with the anatomy

It began to silently deteriorate

With every bite and sip unhealthy or healthy,

With every active movement or lazy movement,

With every true word or fake word,

This soul which had the most beautiful personality,

Innocent yet had the aroma of secrets,

Just could not abscond.

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