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alisharperkinsA world with millions yet I feel alone
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By: Alisha Perkins


They treat girls' feelings like toys. You can't toss me around like a game of hot potato. You can try so hard to get me just to throw me to another player.

Life isn't about who can get the most home runs.

Or who can kick the ball the furtherest. But if it were boy, you'd be great at it. You're the number one player. Confusing us all, using us all.

And what happens when the game is over? Us girls,

We get left on the cold hard floor. Bruised and dirty. Only loved when the boys want to score. But we strive to be adored, wanted.

These silly games you play leave us broken.

Once we're broken, no one wants us anymore.

What boy wants to play with a flat ball?

Or take the effort to fill it with more air?

They say, "Let the boys be boys and play their games."

But what if we are the ones being played?

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