The Cat who followed me Home
The Cat who followed me Home mystery stories

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The light is absent but the eyes speaks of the presence

The Cat who followed me Home

Its eyes glistens in desperation

Our pupils meet

I break away the eye contact and look down at my last piece of bread

Day 1

I walk down the path leading me to where my blanket awaits

I stop in my tracks

A sudden touch of softness and fur?

Day 2

Its a she

I nod in approval

she purrs in response

Day 3

I twirl in the sunshine

and run up the steps

I gasp

There she is again

My mum shoos her away

Day 4

Tears sparkling like stars, traveling down my cheeks

I walk with a paper determining my future in a day


I kneel down and softly pat her head

"I hope it goes well with me." I say.

Day 5

I run out the door to enter the outside world

There she was, as if waiting for me all along.


No response and she walks away

Where does she go?

Day 6


Not today, these dark heavy clouds not going to drench me today

I run as fast as I could to open the door

"You again?"


The light is absent but her eyes speaks of her presence

"What you doing here again, you like me already?"

I hear a chuckle


This time I look straight into her eyes

Searching for something I am not sure of


I clutch the hem of my skirt so tightly

I forgot to breathe

It has always been me and mum

I stand and turn around

The light is absent but his eyes speaks of his presence

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