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alisayw thoughts that breathe, words that burn
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I wish I had it in me to write a love poem or something happy/moving but I don't right now so I'm sorry. This one is kinda terrible so I may delete it.


I’ve always wanted to be perfect

I’ve wanted to be enough for somebody

I thought if I was perfect people would love me

If I was enough people would stay

I mess up and the words 'I'll never be good enough' play in my head like the lyrics of a song you can’t remember

Criticism sounds like bullets whizzing past my ears

Some grazing my skin or piercing me straight through

There are even bullets still stuck inside me

I want to carve them out my body some days but I'm too scared

My parents always telling me I’m too smart to get angry so quickly But without my straight A’s I am nothing but a shadow

I want to be enough even for a second

I want my head to not feel like a war zone

I am fighting myself with no chance of winning

I am so tired of living some days it hurts

I hate myself and it sucks because I want to love myself so bad

I’ve wanted to be enough for somebody

Even if I'm not enough for myself

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