A burning building pt.1
A burning building pt.1 burning building stories

alisayw thoughts that breathe, words that burn
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Slowly learning how I feel isn't' invalid or possibly just another sad poem I wrote in the spur of the moment who knows.

A burning building pt.1

I’m the type of person to pretend they’re fine

even if the world is a burning inferno surrounding me even if I am suffocating on the smoke that enters my body snatching away the oxygen that is keeping alive even if debris is falling from every direction and I know I’m stuck

but I’m alive so I must be fine I know I’m not fine but I’ve convinced myself that if the situation isn’t worse then I must be fine

Somebody somewhere is having it so much worse so if I complain about being trapped in a burning building

I’ll feel guilty.

That’s how I feel when my mom tells me I’m fine That the way I feel is just a bad attitude that’s annoying It brings others down so I need to keep it inside I shouldn’t make others feel bad just because I feel bad

Even though I can’t really control when I feel bad sometimes

I didn’t ask for the emptiness inside to fester and grow and rage

It just did

I didn’t ask to randomly feel angry or sad and not know why I’m even angry or sad

But others have it worse right

some days I'm not even tired yet I sleep for hours exhausted from pretending that I am happy

So everyone else can feel better

I watch myself dying in a burning building and no one is alarmed

So I stay quiet and I say I’m fine

Because somebody somewhere is having it so much worse

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