A burning building pt.2
A burning building pt.2 poetry stories

alisayw thoughts that breathe, words that burn
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Life is hard, but it does get better. Sometimes better just takes longer then you'd think.

A burning building pt.2

I don't know if this needs any kind of trigger warning because it isn't technically meant in a negative way but I don't know everyone who reads so possibly: TRIGGER warning Also to who it may concern I am good. There are just times in life when everything hits and a person gets tired.

The smoke gets denser from time to time

My vision hazy

The hot tears rolling down my face

My brain feels foggy

I'm dazed, confused, and feel outside my body

Not that I even remember the last time I felt inside my body

Then fire scorches my skin and the smoke fills the empty feeling in my chest W e i g h i n g me down

Slowly I slide to the ground

I’m praying someone cares because I’ve lost faith in tomorrow

I’m still alive but the pain is overbearing

Life is overbearing

Yet I keep going in hopes that one day I can put out my own fire

Before it consumes me whole.

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