Vent, something i needed to tell someone.
something i needed to tell someone. stories
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Vent, something i needed to tell someone.

I don't remember much of the conversion. I cried a lot.

but i do remember this.

I was freaking out. Another lecture. This one about pedophiles on the internet and stalkers. They didn't even care i had proof that they weren't any for what i know of. If they did they had a stunt person pose for a long while.

I was scratching myself, begging to see blood. I wanted to see a red line of blood on my hand. I wasn't sure what it would mean but I still did it.

"Stop scratching yourself!" "Do you want a towel." i agreed and started to scratch through the towel but then just started to look at the pattern.

I lied so much. funny enough those idiots took it as truth. "You know nothing about them! That's a bad relationship!"

Defiantly i started to spout off everything i remembered. Their family, names, occupation, and anything i thought would help. I never said we knew each other's full names, or that we knew were the other lived.

but the decision was made before the whole lecture even started. Block them and never talk to them again.

"We still believe they are a man." said days later, after they searched through my phone and saw pictures from the mall.

I miss them so incredibly much,

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