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Just please.

Tip for Writing

If it doesn't matter in the long run, don't add it.

it won't matter the condition of the chairs

it won't matter the colour of the walls

it won't matter that the main character doesn't like a chair because they make you sink down.

If it wont come up later, it doesn't matter.

It makes it seems like you are stretching for words.

There is a point when "setting the scene" turns into "Just draw the thing"

And you passed it by a mile.

You don't have to add that much detail to it.

"Walked into the warm and cosy bedroom" lets the reader figure out its look

That's the beauty in writing,

Not one reader will see it all the same.

let it be that way.

It wont matter that they don't think of the setting in the same way,

Or even know that the room reminded him of a music video they watched 4 years ago that has no relivancy at all.

Use your words to create a story, not a setting.

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