The Aster
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A little garden with a kid and some flowers but somehow the aster takes up his attention.

The Aster

In a garden with a beautiful flower patch. They made the breeze all around smell sweet. There were some rose bushes, some pansies, snapdragons, and many more. Recently a new flower was added, an aster. It was a cute little plant, barely budding. This little plant found the garden very nice, it was pleasant. The flowers talked around her and she enjoyed just relaxing in the sun and the soil

But a kid owned this garden. He would play in the garden, swing on the swings, slide down the slide, he just loved spending time in his beautiful garden he created. He expectation loved talking to the flowers, and who wouldn't? They were all different. Some joked, some wanted him to do cool tricks, others just wanted to chat.

After a while he noticed the aster. There was nothing special about her really. She looked like every other flower. She was pretty mediocre at even being a flower. "Hello there." the boy said, kneeling down so he was closer to her.

she turned around and was filled with joy. It wasn't like anything special, just that out of everyone he could be talking to was her. "Hello." she said, trying to look better but also trying to seem natural. "Do you have anything you'd like to see me do?" the kid said, tilting his head a little.

"Well, I don't know." the aster replied, trying incredibly hard to actually think of something. "Watching you play basketball would be cool." she said. The kid nodded and got up to play some basketball. He had been doing that a lot recently but it just seemed like he got better every time.

The aster never had the courage to sat anything until then. She just never wanted to say anything. But while she watched the kid play basketball she gave words of encouragement. Telling him how well he was going. Telling him how it was a good shot. She just enjoyed it more.

When the kid was finished, she had the courage to call him over for once. He knelt down so he could be closer to her again. "That was very nice work." she said. "Thank you." he said, smiling at her. She had never had someone like that actually pay attention to her, and she loved it.

"So, how do you do those shots?" she asked, really curious at how he can just be so amazing at it and it just seem so effortless. He told her everything and she was just so enveloped in every word, watching as his face light up at his every word. "I have to go, but talk to you later." he said, stood up and walked away.

"Talk to you later!" the aster called after him. The aster was loving the attention he was giving her. She would call him over and they would talk for so long and she just couldn't wait to hear his voice again. They did this everyday. Sometimes he would even come over without her prompt and she loved those times.

Once he was just doing so much they weren't able to talk, and the aster didn't want to bother him. About a week of not talking he came over to her again. he sat down so he could be closer to her. "Hey, I've missed you." "I've missed you, too!" the aster said a little excited to hear that he missed her.

"So, how have you been doing?" he said, and the aster told him and they had a lovely conversation. But it seemed like the absences grew closer and longer. Weeks would go by without them talking. The aster would try but it seemed like every time she called after him he was leaving.

She saw how much he was talking to some of the other flowers and wondered if he would ever have time for her. After a while, she just hid in her plant. She didn't come out. She didn't even watch the boy play. All she could do was sulk.

She wished so hard that he would notice her lack of attention and come over to her but he never did, and the aster wished she just wasn't planted there. When she couldn't bare not looking, she finally saw the kid, playing again. She called him over. "How's it going?" she asked, looking up at him. "I've been doing good." He replied "How about you?"

They had a quick conversation before he left, and that was their conversations after a while. just short bursts and then nothing for a long time. The aster had troubles with this and hid in her pant many times just hopping he would notice, but he never. Once she even called out her troubled but no one even noticed.

Then she couldn't bare it again so in the crowd she just sang some lyrics. "Wait." he said, but it seemed like no one else noticed. She stopped before he searched the crowd. "Who ever was singing please say who you are!" but there is no one.

the aster tried to hide a little so he didn't notice. She understood what was going on. Why she needed to hide in her plant. Why ever day they didn't talk felt like a a stab in the heart. He had somehow stolen it. While the garden of flowers were talking she sang lyrics that said what her heart was longing to tell her. the boy looked over at them again and the aster hide.

"Please, which ever one of you is singing that just say who you are so i can tell you how much i love you." the aster blushed. what was she to do now? She so badly wanted to continue singing her heart's words but didn't want him to know it was her. So she sang again. "Please i wanna know which one of you is singing." Then the aster had a plan.

"I will if you can guess who it is!" she said and sang another song. "Is it the aster?" he replied when she was finished. She sang another time, but waving him over. "You found me!" she said shakily. and she sang another song, and another and another. it was just so fun. Then she realized after a while, he wasn't even noticing it. He didn't seem to care, so she stopped after a while.

Sometimes he would do a thing where he would let the flowers ask him questions. The rules were they were colours or something so there were only so many questions. Once he called out for them to basically confess things and the aster took her chance. She sent all the things that would be confessing what he meant to her, but she just didn't want him to know so she made it so she wouldn't.

"Which one is the one that is screaming for me to love them?" he asked and the aster went quiet. Was it her? it must have been her. She hoped it was. "I will if you can guess my favourite colour!" she called out. "I don't know that!" he said. "Fine, ill give you a hint: i am this colour." she said "I still have no idea." He said.

After a while the kid came over to her. "Was it you?" She went pale. "What?" "With the colour. Was that you?" he asked again. "Uhm, yeah..." she said. "You found me!" "You're cute." he said and smiled at her. The aster got flustered. "You're pretty hot too." She sighed as he left her.

a couple days later she called him over. "So, with that singing thing, how long did you know it was me?" "When you sang my favourite song." he said, sitting on the ground. "Did you know it was me when when you said you liked it?" "Yeah." he said and they sat in awkward silence before he left.

Later the kid came over to her and caught her by surprised as he sat down nest to her. "Your really pretty and wonderful." "You are too. Are you okay?" the aster said, worried. Shes just never seen him like this. "Yeah. just wanted you to know how much you mean to me." He said.

"Okay. its just that type of stuff worries me." she replied. They had a nice little conversation after that. Some weeks later, the kid came over to the aster again. "So can i ask you a question?" he asked her. "Sure?" she said worriedly. "Do you like me?" He bluntly asked.

That aster fumbled. What was she supposed to say? "what do you think?" she asked. "Well, I can be thick sometimes. But I've seen you flirt with me and i just don't know." "Yeah." she shyly said. "Yeah what?" "Yeah, i like you." "Then its mutual then." He said and she was shocked. "And it has been a while so its cool to know its mutual."

Then they just sat in silence while the sun set and the aster was just wondering what happened. Then, after the stars had made their appearance in the sky the kid got up and left. After that they talked like old time, every day. But this time it was different. I didn't matter when she would call him over, the kid would come over as soon as he could.

It was weird but she loved it. He moved her up with the other flowers he talked to. She didn't really say much to them, just the kid. After a while she realized how amazing every one was. She was happy, just wondering why she was there.

One day while she was reliving some of their old conversations, she remembered something. There was another flower he had liked, and it was beautiful. She remembered the kid told her about them. How He complimented them everyday, just wasn't sure how it was going to work out.

Was she just an outlet? No, he wouldn't so that, right? And the more she remembered, the more she realized how long it would take for her to be put back here she was originally. She was so inferior and less than ever other flower the kid had interacted with. "Live in the moment." she reminded herself as her thoughts again reminded her that she shouldn't get attached.

"It's you. Everything is fine." And it was. everything seemed the same, expect it seemed like the kid seemed to contradict what they said once. "People change." the aster reminded herself, but the feeling couldn't be shaken. She looked over where she used to be, hoping she will never go back, but scared she would be.

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