Something to convince myself.
Something to convince myself.  break stories

alisasapphire2 Writer, Artist, Animator, Fandomer
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You’re gonna be alone forever You know it.

Something to convince myself.

You’re gonna be alone forever

You know it.

Stop your active imagination acting like someone is there.

There never will be

The sooner you understand that, then sooner you’ll be happy.

He’s gone forever, okay?

He blocked you and he’s gone.

Now stop pretending like one day he’s gonna see your pleads for him and change him mind.

He moved on.

He may already have that ring you dreamsed he had.

He was you’re last chance and you decided to move faster then I would have liked so you don’t get him anymore.

You will be alone forever

And no matter how much you dwell on it it won’t change.

Write and see if that helps.

It won’t.

Send another snapchat

It won’t help either.

You’ll never get your best friend back.

You'll only get the 3 people you call friends now that have lives.

Now, get over it and learn to be alone or die.

And you know which one is easier.

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