It's Hard Being Free Chapter 1
It's Hard Being Free 
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Daniel Howell Is living his life in a wonderful magical society, the only problem is is that he is different. He is the only one who can not do magic, even though he has been trying for almost 12 years.

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It's Hard Being Free Chapter 1

Tears streamed down his cheeks, but he wasn’t alone. Everything looked watered down because I was crying too. We hugged before we left. No one believed us, now almost no one was left here. We were alone. The whole world looked like it was rid of colours. We looked at each other. “You ready?” he said looking ready to go forth in our plan. I nodded and we headed our separate ways.

“Not everyone is born with magic.” everyone would tell me. It felt a lot like a lie because everyone seemed to have it. I never met anyone who didn’t. Hello, I am Daniel Howell and I can’t use magic. Thankfully they didn’t give people with no magic a bad name. We are called free, short for free of magic.

How you learn is to enter schooling you have to do a test to see what stage your magic is at. You start out with simple spells like making a fire and such then the more you do the more complicated it gets. With this system the youngest of people could be in the highest level of schooling, but they all know the same things.

So, when I went as you would think they asked me to create a drop of water appear. Nothing happened. They asked if I could more anything. Nothing happened. Call an animal. Nothing. Create an animal. Nothing. Make something disappear. nothing. They said thank you and I left. With nothing to say I stayed in my room trying do anything magically, but nothing changed.

The next month, I went to the free class. But they were all… how do I say this… not like me. They all didn’t have the mental capacity of creating magic. I knew I didn't belong in this class but I couldn’t argue. I was a free like these other kids. And no matter how hard I tried I never was able to create a spell to get out of that class.

Years and years of being in that class was hard. Eventually, the kids who originally didn’t have the capacity to do magic, were able to do magic and moved to another class and I was stuck. Until I had to graduate, I was in that class.

When I was 18 years old I was able to graduate. Being a free, it was usually advised that I stay but I wanted to try and live without magic. I think I can, but it could be hard. And with that I did what most people do and get a job. All the job applications asked what level of magic I graduate/am currently in. I will let you know, I never was able job.

One day I was trying to see if I can at least move water or something in the park in the town, and a man sat down next to me while I had my eyes shut concentrating. “What are you doing there, lad?” I jumped at the random voice. Embarrassed and surprised I said nothing, also it was hard to understand him, must be from up north.

There was a long awkward silence between us, just staring into each other’s eyes. “Well, if you aren’t going to say something, mate, then I will. Ello, I am Philip. I just moved from up north.” he stuck his hand out in a shake. “And you are?” I took his hand in a shake. “Daniel.” he was like the male version of snow white. But with blue eyes.

So, what were you trying to do there?” he asked. I had no idea what to say. I didn’t want a total stranger to know I have never been able to use magic even though I have had so many attempts to so far so many years. “A spell I learned in school over a year ago.” I said as if I was just practicing something I had stopped doing a while ago.

“Yeah, thought it would be good to know just in case I needed it.” “Oh, would you like help?” he was to cheery for what I was feeling for today. “I graduated almost a decade ago with the highest scores in my class, ever!” oh course he did. Also, he looked 20… of course he did... I needed to get out of this.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed, facepalming. “I left my… uh… mother in the supermarket. I’m sorry I have to go.” that could have been a much better excuse but I still stood up and ran off in… the… wrong………. direction from the supermarket. Oh well.

Once I was in a cafe, drinking an energizing potion coffee mixture and watching the news, and he sat down on the seat in front of me and said “Ello! Remember me?” I looked at him and said, “Yep.” I don’t like to be sarcastic to people I don't know.

“There was a protest at the capitol building.” the news anchor chimed in. everyone in the cafe turned to watch “They are wanting all free to be excluded from the magic world.” like I wasn’t already. I tried not to show to pain I am having watch this. “I interviewed some of the protesters.” A woman with a sign that said ‘the free are not worth the money.’ with in terrible marker was talking,

“The free are just freeloaders. They don’t have jobs.” because they never hire us. “And they expect to be able to live in this magical world they can’t contribute to. I say they should either be forced into magic or banished till they learned magic.”

This has been a very hot topic since I was 13. But in the 6 years it has been debated it has been a constant on and off deal. Many times people agreed, others were mad that humans without the capacity to do magic was exiled. They people against it always said “if you didn't have the capacity to love would you liked to be exiled?” and because of all this fighting,

people created a treatment that makes it so all frees who want to speed up the process of learning magic can. I have thought of it myself but always been worried it wouldn't work, and it is very expensive. And they have said it may not work. That percentage is very low but it is still worrying.

“They have demanded that a bill be presented where all frees are to be deported out of the magic world until they can pass a test of a level 10. Back to you.” level 10 is not that high. A level 15 is a normal with any level higher than 20 being expert.

“Yeah!” yelled some men in the back. “frees don't deserve the same benefits as what us working class have!” I slid down in my seat and breathed deeply. Most people in town knew I was a free. They understood I was trying but couldn't. So when the men in the back yelled that everyone gave them scowls and motioned towards me.

“I am sorry but when was the last time he changed anything? He never had a job and just graduated in the level 0? How could he ever be useful?” Philip I think was his name looked at me. Must have found out I was a free somehow. “ All he does is waste resources and ‘concentrate’ on making something happen.” I left. I didn't want to hear more. I was trying to use magic but I can’t. I have never been able to.

For some days after that I stayed in my room for a while. One day there was a knock at the door. and my mum answered it. “Danny! It’s for you!” She yelled. I slid out of bed and headed down the steps. I looked to see who it was. Was that… yeah, thats… Felix… no… Philip? Yeah Philip… I think. What is he doing here? I tried to run back upstairs but he must have seen me.

“Hey, are you okay? You seemed to run out of cafe that quickly.” he said. I stopped. “Yeah. Just… people being mean to minorities that can’t even change themselves to be accepted makes me mad.” I said, still not looking at him. “Okay, just wanted to check in.” he said turning towards the door.

It’s because I am one of them.” I said softly. He turned back around. I turned towards him. “I am a free.” I didn't know why I told him. I just felt I needed to. “That makes sense.” he said. I shot him a puzzled look.

“ you told me the day I moved in you were trying a new spell but nothing happened. Nothing changed as I came up to you. And in the cafe why people motioned to you when the men in the back were talking about frees. You can use magic. You are a free.” I literally just told him. He didn't have to piece that together. We stood there in silence. “I am gonna go home.”

“Okay.” I responded and he left, I went back to sulking in my room. Now, it was worse because I could have had one person who didn't know I was a free but not now. The days following didn't get any better. All those protest against frees got bigger and more attention. The people who represented each sector, called Boshk, were interviewed, most saying for it, rather than against it.

Rumours about a law and its contest floated around. Some said that one of its major point is that all frees who are over the age of graduating but have not will continue their studies till they are no longer a free. But all who have graduated are banished till they can prove they can wield magic. And I was scared. I had no idea what to do if that was true.

I knew I should have stayed in school and at least try. But this was all speculation they have to read the whole law before anyone votes on it.

They do broadcast it when they read it so my whole family set down to watch as we learned the rumors were true. Every last one, but they had one extra part that I only heard from one person “if you have to you may arrest, force, or kill if necessary” and that is what scared me the most. Thankfully there is about 5 days till it is voted on then about another 7 days till it if fully a law.

The next day my parents came into my room “Sweety,” my mum said sitting on my bed. “I am sorry to say I think the law is going to pass” I slumped down a little.”but we have an idea.“ she paused, “ we are banishing you from our household till you can use magic or the law is over,” I looked at her in shock. She was kicking me out. “ I am sorry. We mean this for the best.”

I was scared where do I go. Just outside the borders I guess. “and to be safe we want you to leave either now or in the morning.” “What? Why?” was all I could say. What was I going to do? Where did this all come from?

“Well, we have found out that the jamkers here are not very accepting of frees and have been just tolerating you.” she said. Jamkers are people who enforce the law. “and if they found you I have a feeling that they won't just leave you alive.” she paused. “I do really this this law will pass. Everyone is so happy because they are all in favour of it.” she paused again. “I am so sorry.”

So I decided to leave that night. I packed what I thought I may need and left. As I left I said goodbye to my family and headed outside, took a breath, and then started walking.

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