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Senior Trip!!!
Multiple endings to come.

Brain Dump 2

I decides to tell my friend about my online friend. Of course I had interactions that I liked the most screenshoted. I waited until we didn't have the possibility that my mother was listening so it was before a movie. She looked through the screenshots and I had to explain context.

“You should totally meet them so you know they are for real.” she said as she handed back my phone. I smiled knowing some ideas. “Want me to update you like what I do for Hannah?” I asked. Hannah was another friend but that is for another time. “Yeah!” she said and the previews started.

Flash forward to 2 years, we are seniors in highschool and I planned a trip. Some seniors plan camp outs and such but I had a 20 hour drive in mind. “So, what do you think about going to Minnesota?” I texted her one day. “maybe? When?” she texted back. “July or something during the summer.”

“Let me ask my mom.” I wait a little. “She seems fine with it. She wanted to know where and if she can go.” “I somewhat wanted it to be a senior escape almost if that's okay.” “Seems like it is okay.” “Good cause I have it all set. I'll give you more concrete details later.”

“Yes it was hard for my mum to let me go but she knew I would be okay. She wanted to go but I told her that when I go to college I'll be alone and Minnesota is closer than Florida. Besides, Mable with me so I'll be fine.

We stopped halfway on the drive because we didn't want to take the whole 20 hours driving one day. Day 3 the plan would commence. We had about 7 days, 4 days for travel, 3 for fun! “I am sure they still work here?” I said, looking at the Coborn’s in front of us. “When did you check last?” Mable said, looking with me. “Last night.” I said. “I thought you were asleep.”

“I was too excited to.” I commented. “Also thoughts happen.” “I get that.” she said. “Let's just go in! Simple!” she got out of the car and I reluctantly followed. “so they work as a check out?” “Last I heard.” I said, my hands fiddling with my phone. “Any seem familiar?” she asked, looking around. “do you even know how they look?”

“Yes from like some months ago.” I pulled up the picture I had saved from tumblr. “I am incredibly weird.” I handing the pic to Mable. “That one seems right.” she said pointing to the back of a head. “only one like this here.” “Now what do I say?” “Just like say hi or something.”

Ending 1

Then an idea popped into my head. “I have a better idea.” I said as I went up to them. I got like a pack of gum and Waite's at their check out. I set it down when it was my turn and leaned a little, like I was trying to be cool, on the counter. “So, come here often.” yes. I understand completely but it is a joke.

I know they are here often. They work here. You think I am that idiot don't you? Cause I am not! Anyways, they looked up at me as they scanned the gum. They gave me a little look over and seemed satisfied. “Yes, I've work here.” “Anyways, I'm Alisa.” I said, they seemed a little confused. “And your Rad Sprout, right?”

Ending 2

“You know how awkward i am!” I said, kind of hiding a little more then normal. “How about i do it?” I looked at her like she is crazy. “Like you said, ‘Nothing to gain, nothing to lose and a “I don’t give a care” attitude.’ I know you want to talk to them. Maybe a wing girl would help.”

Worried, i agree and she walked over. Millions of more worries cross my mind. Then i saw her point to me then i felt my face get warm. I waved when they turned around and smiled. Mable practically skipped back to me. “He said to wait till they get off and you could hang with him.” “Did you say anything bad?” i asked, a little worried. I know she wouldn’t but i just worry.

“No, but we can go outside andwait for them.” “You’re going to have to come with cause i don’t want to leave you alone.” I said and we walked out. “That and i need someone to fend them off if anything happens.” I said and we laughed.

Ending 3 Other endings to come I just forgot about them.

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