Brain Dump 1
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Online friends are hard when you really want to meet them.
Art later!

Brain Dump 1

I had planned this day, just as long as we stayed friends till I had the chance to put it into action. I was able to convince my family that Minnesota was going to be a fun family vacation place, specifically eastern Minneapolis. I didn't want to be too suspicious cause all they knew was I wanted to be here because I wanted to see what Adam Young of Owl City has seen.

I told them that one day they could look at places around the town and I'll take the rental car to do like a tour of Owl City things. My mum protested she wanted to see those places as well but she did agree that she didn't care after a while, thankfully.

I drove east. Google maps told me where to go so all I had was the radio and the navigator as noise. The almost silence made me question what I was doing, maybe they wouldn't care or something. I messaged and I'll get there right about on time so maybe it was meant to be? Still something screamed regret.

St. Cloud, Minnesota. I knew this must be where they were, but problem is I have never asked. I have guessed from many different things they have said but never have clarified. Thankfully, from their discription of where they worked, it seemed like the place. I parked and took a breath. The clock said they would be off in a 10 minutes so I gotta work fast!

I walked into the shop and decided to get some candy so that it wasn't too weird. I got like 3 bags of candy cause who buys one? Shit! I have never really seen them. I have had a pic on my phone but things change sometimes. Well, this one seems like them, I think. You know I thought it would be cute to like do this but no it may be more trouble than I thought.

I glanced at the name tag, yep! Thank god that it's them. I got a wiff of a mixture of rose and Jasmin essential oils. Must be a girly day today. I placed the candy down and they started to scan them in, not really looking up. “How has your day been?” they asked, scanning the M&Ms.

“Pretty well.” I said, trying to hold back a smile or a laugh, I couldn't tell the difference. “How about you, Evander?” With the mention of their name they looked at me in shock. “How did you know?” they still seemed a little confused. “Only some people know that name.” then their eyes started to study my face. “You seem familiar.”

“You know who I am, Rad Sprout.” I said, with probably the biggest grin. “Alisa?” Rad Sprout said, still surprised. “How did you find me?” “Guessing and hope.” I said. “I get off in about-” “Five minutes?” “If you want to hang out?” “Certainly!”

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