Silent screams
Silent screams depression and anxiety stories

alinashahid 13 years old,7th grade student
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Silent Screams Can't you hear my silent screams?

Silent screams

Silent Screams

Can't you hear my silent screams?

They are so loud they echo in my dreams.

Behind this face that carries a smile

Lies a dark road that goes on mile after mile.

My silent screams have been going on for years.

But it always falls on so many deaf ears.

How can they hear these silent screams in my mind?

They can't hear my thoughts if i keep telling them i'm fine.

What can i tell me?These silent screams carry no words.

It's just feeling of sadness and darkness that comes in its herds.

How can i explain so people understand this?

It's like walking around in a suffocating black mist.

It's holding onto happiness like holding water in your hands.

It just trickles between your fingers and disappears into the sands.

I can't explain how this feels,it's so extreme.

So i hold my mouth shut to cover my silent screams.

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