EVANESCO fiction stories

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A short series showing a girl who was going from college to home and finds herself into another world.



She was walking barefoot, feeling the sand grains, inhaling its unique aroma, walking slowly, hoping to wake up from dream. While she was walking she saw an old man with brown cloak with an old hand stick sitting beside a well. He was not looking at her but as she reached to him, He said: Hi Suzy! At last you reached. Suzy was shocked. How this person know my name.

Suzy: What ? Old Man: You are thirsty. Take that glass and pour water from that jug. Drink it and take some rest. Suzy: But... Old Man: Are you not thirsty? (Without allowing Suzy to ask questions he orders her). Suzy drinks water and become suddenly she becomes more conscious and gain some energy.

Suzy: Am I in a dream ? Old Man: Well! It's up to you that how you take it. Suzy: I cannot understand that why I am here. Old Man: Little girl! You are here because you are meant to be here. (Suzy feels that she is not in ordinary place. Drinking that water, her energy was boosted like never before and her mind was sharp than ever)

Suzy: Who are you and what are you doing here? Old Man: I am just here to attend my guests. You are one of them. Suzy: I cannot understand. Old Man: Listen! You should reach the town before it's dark here. Walk forward for 10 minutes and you will be there. They will ask you to show your ID. Give them this card and they will allow you to enter.

Suzy feels gloomy, sad and frightened and says with her eyes wet: I am afraid and I am alone. Old Man: Don't worry, soon you will be there and will not feel sad because there's a lot to do there. (Suzy takes courage and starts to move towards there)

Old Man: Calling her from behind and says: Never say this word there, until its the time. Suzy: Which word? Old Man: Says it with sweet smile "EVANESCO" TO BE CONTINUED...

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