My typical day in the cabin
My typical day in the cabin stories

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My typical day in the cabin

My typical day in the cabin

If I had a choice, I would live in the cabin on the first slide. This cabin suits me really well. It's tiny but bright. I think that there would be enough space for me.

It would be like a community, where every resident lives in their own cabin.

Now I would like to describe my typical day in the cabin. Every day I would be waking up to the radio sounds. I would take a quick shower and head to the flagpole.

A different cabin has to sing or dance at the flagpole. Then we all would go into the dining hall for breakfast. After the meal I would go back to my cabin.

It would be some time to meditate, read books and write poems.

As you can see, there is sand near the cabins. So I would swim in the sea and sunbathe. I would go to the beach to feed off the sea.

In the evenings I would watch the sunsets and reflect on my life. Then I would go to sleep.

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