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From dummies to bandaged mummies. Thrill continues everywhere. Enjoy a ride that will give you goosebumps for sure.


This is a ride full of thrills and frights, so come on and read it tonight. It is from my own imagination. I hope you all like my work. Please give your love to me!...Bye......Enjoy.... 


 That night, I was going to deliver the last pizza of the day

. It was late in the night, nearing midnight.

It was a weird day.

Today I heard everyone talking, that today is some HALLOWEEN NIGHT.

The people talking about whether any ghosts or ghouls would come out or not, but, I ignored them.

Plus I don't really believe in ghosts and ghouls.

Now I was heading towards my last delivery.Well today, I wasn't feeling very well.

That is, more tired than usual. I had the last delivery receipt and I read it aloud. "Crosby house, Secret street."

I knew the way so I hurried. I knew when I will delivered the final pizza, I would go home and spread my legs on the bed and sleep under the thick blanket.

Thinking this, I made it to the last turn and stood in front of the mansion.

At last I was there. It appeared as if it was abandoned. Broken down, and totally old. The tag next to the door read -"Crosby Mansion".

I was relieved that it's the correct house. I tried to open the door. But it was locked from inside. I saw the door had a small space in it.

I pushed the pizza in it. But it came out. I again pushed. Same thing happened. I saw the pizza packet. It was empty.

I stood quivering in horror. But thinking that it was just because I was tired. As I turned, but felt a little unusual. I felt like someone is watching me.

I turned, and I saw the open window. I thought to look through it. My soul was trembling. Whether I hadn't believed in ghosts, but today I was being harassed.

Nothing but darkness inside, but a dusty room. I turned and headed towards the car. Nothing was tgere yet, just my loud footsteps.

Just then tearing the silencr, I heard a scream and moved. I saw two large glowing red eyes staring at me. My breath caught. I froze, paralyzed by fear.

My heart pounding. Only, I had realised it was a large horrible creature and started my car. I drove very fast till the car stopped.

I came out to see what was the reason?

Everything looked quite fine. But unusually my eyes fell to the tires. I saw scratches of claws and blood in the tires.

I was horrified.

Something was again watching me from the bushes. I came nearer. Two large red eyes again stared at me. Very clearly in the dark night. I ran away, screaming in terror.

Forgetting I left my car there. Next morning, I came there. I saw my car. Half burnt and half scratched with bloody patches! 


Today , I was wandering in the forests.

Nothing but only howls of wolfs.

In the great circle of trees, I saw some homes. I rushed to them.

One of them was named,"SEVEN". I rung the door bell. No one opened the door. Again rung. I heard a thin voice,

"Who?" As the door opened, I saw a small girl of almost my age. She smiled happily. I was asked,

"How can I help you?"

"Hi! I am Shreya. I want shelter at your home in night. I said

, There is a lot huge wave coming to the shore. Can I get shelter?"

The girl smiled and led me in. She told her name as Alice. She took me to a room.

I was totally wet. She gave me clothes to wear. And some medicines too. I was confused that why is she helping me without even knowing me?

Well it was good for me. I was talking to get all night. She didn't talk me more.

But her smile melted my heart. She told me about her. Well I wasn't very new. But I have not seen her before.She told me to sleep and told to ask if I needed anything.

I agreed. But in the midnight suddenly the sky began to cry moan like someone is crying. I opened my eyes.

Nothing only darkness outside the house. Suddenly I saw the calender. It was telling the date of 22nd Jan.

I thought she might kept it for the picture on it.As the weather cleared and morning started, I said goodbye to Alice.

And told her that I will visit her again.

After next 2 days in the afternoon,

I headed towards Alice's house. But what do I see? There was nothing. Only a big stone on which it was written,


And the same calender..

I saw in her house last night.

Suddenly I reminded that it was the day of great tsunami which vanished everything.....

Nothing left except the large expense of blue water and the grin of something unknown.


 Yay! Sanya cried. As she as going for shopping with her family. In the big mall there were many beautiful cases

. But Sanya's eyes were focused on a doll. It was beautiful, black eyes, and blueberry cheeks.

It was singing an amazing song.

"Momma, can I have that doll?" The bright eyed girl asked.

"Ok, honey." said momma. The doll was brought home. Sanya took her to the window chair.

She played everyday with her. One day her parents were out.

Sanya saw an old package. She liked reading. So she started reading some difficult words off of it's paper,

but when she completed reading it. She saw the doll moving all by herself. She was chanting loudly. She came near it.

The doll's eyes began to glow red like fire. She heard words coming from the doll.

"If you don't have a friend you don't deserve one"

The Doll said giggling.Suddenly it rushed to kitchen.Sanya saw on the package. Written boldly with red words.

"Harmful for everyone. Don't read the words, unless you have said goodbye to the world.

Because the doll lost her friend and will never let you have one of your own. That is kill you!"

Sanya sat wide eyed and breathless.Then the doll came into the kitchen, with knife in her hand. She stabbed Sanya, killing her.

Red blood spattered all over the room. When the parents knew about it that ran to find he doll.

The doll was seen in kitchen. With blood spread over the plate, and blood all over her mouth. All the people living house left it abandoned. Now there were two dolls like that.

In the same hour with 2 different packages. Same things written

.But the first one was Rafty and second one.........


Now after 12 years a family started living there with 2 girls playing with the dolls!

After killing 100 girls the doll became only one.

Declared as haunted and burnt. In the same mall, was the doll with red eyes and blueberry cheeks singing the song......... 


 This was the late night and I was going to join the birthday party of my friend. Well, I was new at the place.

It was quite frosty weather. I wore two sweaters, a muffler and an overcoat. The way was dark enough to get you lost.

But I knew the path.I was feeling scared. Some footsteps were coming to me. Wow! A girl. A beautiful one.

I saw her wearing a silk long dress with her hair hanging to her waist. Her smile was amazing.

I thought I had seen such girls in my grandmother's old albums.

She indroduced her as Julie. She told that she was also going to the party. She asked whether I can accompany her.

I agreed happily. We two went to the party. We were greeted happily. I don't saw her eating or drinking more.

She was just enjoying herself. Talking and dancing from one group to other with different partners. As to my surprise, no one knew about her. Everyone thought she is my friend.

I didn't denied it.

As there was midnight, I handled my coat in my hand. Suddenly, Julie came and hung her hand over my shoulder.

She said she is leaving too. In the way, I asked her,

"Your dress is gorgeous. But it doesn't looks warm. Take my overcoat with you. I will recollect it next time."

She didn't said anything but allowed me to put it on her shoulders. She gave me her address. At Wolfsburn Macnon house. She stopped at a dark path and expressed it as a shortcut.

I asked whether she new it well or not

She replied with a smile

,"I know every stone of the way. I often use it."

I watched as she said me goodbye and slowly disappeared in the dark night

.I came home. Next morning I went to take my overcoat. I met someone I knew. Tailor Uncle. People say he lived here for a long time and he knows everything about here

. I asked him about the address and Julie. After a long silence he said,

" I don't know any Julie. Well,8 years ago, in Wolfbern, lived a British family. The daughter's name was Julie Macnon. She was burnt in fire. She died seven years ago.

When she died the family moved on.

After that no one lived there. It is fully collapsed and abandoned.

People say the place is haunted. They say that Julie comes every night to look for her parents who left her half burnt when the house was on fire.

Her grave is under the blossom tree.Well, I don't think you are talking about same Julie."

I was horrified. I now don't wanted to know more about her. But suddenly my steps led me to the tree.

I saw a grave.Written



Beside it, was my overcoat. A note saying :-

No thank you.

But suddenly I felt something soft rubbing on my cheek as someone was trying to thank me. 

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