New Moon
New Moon werewolf stories
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alifewewasted I write about depression and self harm
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A short poem about a werewolf's new moon depression.
TW for self-harm.
(Crossposted on Ao3 by me, The_Darkside_Has_CATS_And_Soda)

New Moon

It kills me

The things I think

It kills me

The thoughts

That scream in my head

As I try to sleep

And I wonder;

If it was not a new moon

Would I still long for the sweet caress of moonlight

Or would I simply loathe that I must stay in bed at night

It is a dangerous world out there; that I will not challenge

But do you truly live when you hide forever

I hid from these thoughts

I figured that it was worth it to be cautious

But what is there to lose when the highlight of your day

Is making cuts on your thighs?

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