What i learned right now and i`m sad...
What i learned right now and i`m sad... sad stories

alientaetae P’Techno from LBC IS CUTE
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Please pray for her that she has a happy life in heaven...

What i learned right now and i`m sad...

On the ksat12 news the nightbeat, our mom just showed us now, that mine and @taeismybaibae Our cousins Girlfriend Mother Died of the covid-19 and showed us she was on the news,

and when our Big sister met her, Because it was our birthday on May 16, 2020 our birthday party theme was BTS So me and @taeismybaibae Big sister, went to go to her house,

and She was So nice to us and everyone And she was the most beautifulest person ever!

And she even Baked us a BTS Cake the had all of Bangtan, and she didn`t even Charge our sister or Mom, and we we're like her children to her, When our sister picked it up,

She called our mom and said "Mom who is this Lady?

" Our mom was worried if she thought she was Rude, So our Big sister got married Last year On October 25 2019, and our mom said she came to your wedding,

she said" she was so nice and she felt like she knew her all her life, but when our mom told her all the updates about her she would cry,

but when our mom told her she passed away due to the Coronavirus, our sister poured out crying, our mom showed us and we thanked her so much for the BTS Cake,

and she was the nicest person you`ll ever meet! so we thank her till this day, She passed away on July 11 2020,

we'll miss her... her name was Michelle, and her husband named Marcos, and her daughter that she won`t see her daughter graduate her daughter is named Amanda

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