We are still here @kookiebts123
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alientaetae Luv yourself, never change for the world
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By alientaetae

We are still here @kookiebts123

Go to H You ain't gonna take me and my sis down, we are gonna stay strong no matter how weak we are, Your hurtful words won't bring us down Y'know why?

Cause those mean hurtful words will Die down in history and you can't see it but the words makes us Strong and your words are making YOU weaker!

Go to H Cause you ain't stopping us from doing what's right! You know Good people go to heaven But bad mean people like you will Go to H

Sorry not sorry (Shrugs) Your mean words will be the end of your whole career *Does alien smile*

Sorry not sorry! *Smiles* Haha you are no match between us and I Stopped caring about @illusionparadox And there's nothing you can do about it

Like I said lil aliens Sorry not sorry (Don't fall for her "Nice" Words it will obviously be a trap she will use All of you to hurt us, Like she was being nice to one of our friend Probably to use her as a Thing to work against us)

Bye bye my lil aliens!

by alientaetae

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