for @jaydenboi <3
for @jaydenboi <3 @jaydenboi stories

alientaetae Fiat… life
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Love you Jayden

for @jaydenboi <3

You are a bestfriend that is Sweet Caring Lovable Always protecting everyone <3 and over all Your the bestest friend <3 / Brother You deserve so much attention

You are amazing and Kind You accept everyone of who they are and you are an amazing user! Your account should deserve more attenion, And u are a sweet and wonderful guy Jayden and me and my sis and your friends love you very much!

Your an amazing Kpop friend but most importantly Your the nicest person ever! and your always there when people are hurt like when I'm hurt I know your the one I can talk too, and make all the sadness Vanish, Like I said You should be popular for an amazing friend/brother

And so we love you so much Your the friend we can depend on and also Trust, Your not just a person Jayden Your my bestfriend and everyone around you, You are loved everywhere on commaful and your an amazing and inspiring to others, and your an amazing BFF in my eyes <3

We love you Jayden <3 Forever and infinte Your an amazing person too talk too and your amazing and inspiring to me <3

Bye bye my lil aliens!

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