For @btsismybias <3
For @btsismybias <3 bff stories

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For @btsismybias <3

You have brought us happiness

You have brought us happiness Sense we first met

You have brought us happiness Sense we first met Why well it's because we have a very rough life Whenever our mom is upset she takes her anger out on us Our mom is very nice but she has anger issues So whenever we show her a BTS thing we know not to bother her so much cause she gets annoyed ever 3 times we say Mommy look

she says "What Savannah! I am very busy!" And when we show her she just says "Okay" But we stop talking cause sense we we're little She was always to busy for us and never played with us.... So we know not to say Mommy look" cause at 3 times she gets annoyed

so when we first met u btsismybias We knew we wouldn't be so deppressed anymore and btsismybias You are like a sister we never had and I want you to know we love you and your like a sister to us

And your the bestest friend anyone could ask for, So we love you so much and we support you for life and we heart you like a sister and nothing can come between us <3

b- Bestfriend t- together Besties s- Super kind and sweet i- is super kind and lovable! s- Sweet as sugar m- My Bestie / Our bestie y- You are the bestest friend b- Be yourself forever i- Is a fighter and strong a- A dependable bestie s- Sister we never had luv ya it spells btsismybias Love you

Bye bye my lil aliens! ( Love you sister from another mister Lol Love ya @btsismybias)

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