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Part 1

BTS Guide for beginners

BTS guide part 1 Introduction

This is there leader “Kim Namjoon” Stage name: RM Age: 26 (He’s the 4th youngest) Birthday: September 12th 1994 Hometown: Yeoui-dong South Korea Solo songs: Moon child, Intro: Persona, Love, reflection, Where am I to you (Youngest of the rap line)

Tokyo, Seoul, Uhgood, Forever rain, Voice, Do you, Awakening, Monster, Throw away, Joke, Good rap, Life, Adrift, I believe, and Always Pics —>

This is the oldest member “Kim SeokJin” Stage name: Jin Age: 28 (Korean year) 30 Birthday: December 4 1992 Hometown: Gwacheon-si South Korea Solo songs: Abyys Epiphany Moon Tonight

Awake, Mom, I love you (Cover) Autumn outside the post office Pics —>

This the 2nd oldest member “Min Yoongi” Stage name: Suga Age: 27 Birthday: March 19 1993 Hometown: Daegu South Korea Solo name: Agust D Solo songs: First love Trivia: Seesaw Shadow Give it to me Agust D Daechwita (Oldest of the Rap line)

People, What do you think, Moonlight, Honsool, 724148, 140503 at dawn, The last, Interlude: Dream reality, All I do is win, Diss, Swagger, it doesn’t matter, Touch the sky, Dream money, (IU Eight ft. BTS Suga). Pics —> (He is my Bias)

Daechwita Era:

Boy with love Era:

Dynamite Era:

This is there 3d oldest member “Jung Hoseok“ Stage name: Jhope Age: 26 Birthday: February 18 1994 Hometown: IIgok-dong Gwangju South Korea Solo songs: Airplane, EGO, Chicken noodle soup (ft Becky G) (Middle age of the Rap line)

Just dance, Mama, Hope world, P.O.P, Daydream, Baseline, Blue side, 1 verse. Pics --> (he’s my sis bias)

My baby 😭

This is the oldest of the Maknae line “Park Jimin” “Stage name: Jimin” Age: 25 Birthday: October 13 1995 Hometown: Geumsa-Dong Busan South Korea Solo songs: Lie, Serendipity, Filter, Friends (ft. BTS V) (His soulmate is V)

Promise (My personal fav UwU) Dream glow (Ft. Charli XCX) We don’t talk anymore (ft, BTS Jungkook) (cover) Tony Montana (ft. BTS Suga) Special acoustic melody (Ft. BTS V and Jin) Christmas Day (Ft. BTS Jungkook) Butterfly (Ft, BTS Jin)

95 graduation (Ft. BTS V) Graduation song (Ft. BTS Jhope Jungkook) Beautiful (Ft. BTS Jhope Jungkook) Your my (Ft. BTS Jin, Jungkook and V) Christmas love (THE BEST CHRISTMAS SONG EVER) Pics —>

This is the Middle of the Maknae line “Kim Taehyung” Stage name: V Birthday: December 30 1995 Hometown: Bisan-Dong Daegu South Korea Solo songs: Winter bear, Stigma, Singularity,

Sweet night, Scenery, Innerchild, Friends (Ft. BTS Jimin) Someone like you (cover) 4 O’clock (Ft, BTS RM) A brand new day (Ft, Jhope and Zara lesson) Hug me (Ft, BTS Jhope) (cover) Even if I die it’s U (Ft. BTS Jin) Someone U loved (cover) A daily song (Ft, Jungkook)

Spring day (Demo version) Sunday morning (Cover) Lay me down (Cover) Christmas song (Ft. Adora) An old song (Cover) Special acoustic melody (Ft, BTS Jin and Jimin) Pics —>

This is the Golden maknae “Jeon Jungkook” Stage name: Jungkook Birthday: September 1 1997 Age: 23 Hometown: Mandeok-song Busan South Korea Solo songs: Euphoria, Begin, My time,

Waste it on me (Ft, BTS RM and Jimin) 2U, Paper hearts (cover) Nothing like us, Purpose, Lost star (Ft. BTS RM) Oh holy night, Fools (Ft. RM) All of my life, Only then, Rainism, We don’t talk anymore (cover) we don’t talk anymore (Ft. BTS Jimin)

Marry me, see you again, half moon, Breathe, Contrail, Like a star (Ft, BTS RM) Working, Sofa, if you, Boyfriend Christmas Day (Ft. BTS Jimin) Your my (Ft, BTS Jin V & Jimin) So far away (Ft BTS Suga & Jin) Waterfalls (Ft. BTS RM) I know (Ft, BTS RM) Dear no one

Beautiful goblin OST, I’m in love (Ft. Lady Jane) Pics —>

(Awww XD)

Hope this helped! Bye bye my lil aliens!

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