An ugly monster behind the mask [Yoonmin sad one-shot] 1/3
An ugly monster behind the mask

[Yoonmin sad one-shot]

1/3 warning stories

alientaetae “Do not stop don't give up” - X1-MA
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poor Jimin he thinks he doesn’t belong.

Hope u lil aliens like it!

An ugly monster behind the mask [Yoonmin sad one-shot] 1/3

Jimins POV: Hey baby.. I hear Yoongi say on his phone “Jimin are you okay?” Yeah.. I said quietly. Yoongi alright, Hey um Jiminee I have to go, bye. Goodbye... I said hanging up, I cut myself again and groaned in pain. I looked at myself in the mirror and all I saw as an ugly monster...

Why would Yoongi ever like me.. I am not perfect like he is.. well Jimin.. I have to fake smile again.. I talked to myself, I text Yoongi, and of course he didn’t reply.. I put my hood up and saw a blood stain on my hoodie. I just had tears in my eyes.. cause I wanted to die.. but I wanted to be here for Yoongi.. he is all I have

I hid in the shadows and my black hair with orange streaks was in my eyes.. I screamed to myself “WHY AM I SO UGLY!” I just started crying to myself and kept on saying “I am worthless!” I grabbed my knife and cut myself again. It bled so much but I am used to pain.. but then I looked at my

Phone I saw Yoongi posted on Instagram so I looked what he post and I just stayed silent and shut it off and said “I am not what I seem Min Yoongi..” I wanna die so bad but my heart keeps on saying “No” I banged my head on the bed frame I had a tough childhood and is being bullied

*what he post*

#myhotboyfriend❤️ #mybabyboy❤️💜

By 12 Boys at school.. but I don’t really express my feelings or haven’t told Yoongi.. my mom doesn’t care and calls me a Mistake and worthless.. and Yes I know I am.. I walked up to my mirror and slapped myself. Why does my mom only like my older brother who is more successful.. better and

Handsomer than me.. I slapped myself and teared up I wanted to stab myself so I grabbed my knife and stabbed it in myself and I teared up and screamed in pain and took it out.. I saw my phone lit up and said “1 new message from. Yoongi 💜” I picked it up

And he said “Hey Jiminee~~” I said “hi..” he said “wyd?” And I said “Nothing..” He replied with “Mkay~ wanna maybe go out tonight, I-If you want” I started blushing because he is so cute~ I said “Sure..” he said “Okay cya at 5 then baby” I said “Okay......” I looked at the time it is 4:28.

I put on my black hoodie and fixed my hair and I fell asleep. When I woke up and heard knocking at the door I opened it slowly and Yoongi walked in and grabbed me by my waist and said “Mmm~ hey” I just stayed quiet and said “Hey..” he said I brought dinner and I smiled and he sat me at the

Table. I blushed and said thanks.. he said any time, we ate and we layed in my bed just talking and then he put his hand on my leg that I cut, I squealed and moved around and he said “Hm? Did I hurt you baby?” I said N-no.. he said “mkay..”


Hey guys, so I am feeling better and hope you love this. [this story was based around how I felt so I hope u like this one-shot] Bye bye my lil aliens!

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