A Poem for @btsismybias <3 The best girl ever <3
A Poem for @btsismybias <3

The best girl ever <3 btsismybias stories

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A Poem for @btsismybias <3 The best girl ever <3

Sense when was our life more brighter? When was the happiness made? When was the world more clear? Was the Happiness born in 2007?

Yes, Yes it was, that's the year the most Greatest, kindest and bestest girl was born, That's when the girl Kiara was born, Kiara --------->

Your words aren't just sweet but You are more then a girl you make me and Bae happy You make Me and Bae Smile, Laugh, forget depression was ever here, Your like our special medicine to depression,

You are more then just a Normal girl You are More then that You are our whole world, our happiness, our sunshine And I Want you to know there is none words to describe how much We love you

Love Kiara

Bye bye my lil aliens!

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