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alientaetae Member of the BL club U beauty/Handsome
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♥️♥️ for you person reading this ♥️♥️

A note for you


Here’s a note for you! By @alientaetae! Your friend :)

Dear person reading this You are beautiful, You are amazing, You are one of a kind, Your a special human being !

You deserve love in the world Never hate I pray that you live in a special world that you know Love still exists and you just need someone to help you see that love,

You are special to me and you are doing me a favor! Wanna know what it is? The favor is!

Your staying happy Your staying healthy Your staying yourself And as my little quote says ‘Be yourself never change for the world’ I am happy you are being you and wanna know a little secret 😉

Being yourself is what makes me happy! Cause I know that you love yourself! And being yourself is the best thing you are good at! Don’t let people change you into who your not!

P.S: Smiles, Happiness, Love, Kindness are the best gift I can ever receive ♥️

End of the note ~ By your good friend @alientaetae ♥️ have a nice day/night/afternoon/noon/midnight, everyone!

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