Why your life sucks and how to make it better...aka Bringing Color Back

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Why your life sucks and how to make it better...aka Bringing Color Back

by alidamcdaniel

You've lost your passion... Honeymoon phase = OVER

Don't lose hope on what makes you happiest. Instead, renew that connection daily like you would a relationship with your spouse.

If you honestly believe there's no hope left...

You've forgotten how POWERFUL you truly are!

It's time to stop, smell the roses, and regain your bliss!


Life is your greatest gift. Only YOU are responsible for the outcome. Choose to do something today that brings you great joy and remember WHY you started the journey you're on.

STEP TWO: If you don't like it... Change it!

Nobody said your life had to be concrete forever. In fact, your purpose in life IS to grow. Why not start today and begin creating your own shifts?

STEP THREE: Love yourself more

If you find you aren't getting out of life what YOU want, it's probably because you aren't BEING who life needs you to be in order to magnetize your desires! BE love in all you do to attract it.


Look, everyone wants to be magical in their own minds. Why not create a legacy THROUGH your actions that really makes an impact on the world?

In conclusion...

The outcome of your life is truly up to you. Bliss, love and abundance begin by shifting the mind to embrace the new reality. BECOME the change and watch it all unfold. Namaste.

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plutoSilver CommaPlanets man
10 months ago
I hate how we're born out of nowhere.....

a year agoReply
I sometimes find that talking to others in the honeymoon phase inspires me again.

a year agoReply
Step 3 is the biggest for me. You HAVE to love yourself always otherwise things get particularly hard. if you aren't your biggest supporter, who will be?

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
Great advice! One thing I've noticed is that it helps me when I keep note of the feelings during the high times. When you're down, very little helps. And while you know it's best to think positively and make changes, you lose the will power to do so even thought you know it's the best course of action. When I remember the high times, I often can pull myself to tell myself tomorrow will be a better day and I can use today to get there