Friday doesn't wait for you... -Thank God I'm FREE!!
Friday doesn't wait for you...-Thank God I'm FREE!! stories

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Friday doesn't wait for you... -Thank God I'm FREE!!

by alidamcdaniel

This week has been intense, not hard, but intense.

Many BIG opportunities, challenges and obstacles to overcome. Emotions surfaced to grab my attention and instead of ignoring them, I faced them head on as I know that's the only way to thrive!

The beauty of inner reflection is this: Self Awareness.

I had to take frequent breaks, honor my body with hours of meditation and silence, and clear out the past emotional baggage that surfaced. When this is not done objectively, humans get SICK

The spiritual journey taught me this-

Our thoughts, emotions and habits created in the past, show up in the now to create chaos...we identify WITH the suffering and bring it forward. To clear the space we must be open and still.

It's in the moment when we let go of our need to BE...

That we BECOME who we are MEANT to be. If we're stuck on the trauma and chaos of survival, we're blinded by the perceptions of those who limit their own potential and filter out ours.

At first, we may not recognize who we REALLY are

That's okay. It's part of the unfoldment of our self discovery. The more you dig like an archeologist into the chasm of the mind, dusty and stale, the more you find hidden gems of wisdom

The key is to dig with bliss, not judgment.

Be still in your surrender...let the real you surface. Be not afraid of it's wisdom. It's in the stillness that your truth is given a voice.

Where most people celebrate TGIF...

I celebrate liberation from the need to be hurt or angry at the world around me. I acknowledge my freedom to be, do, or have anything I choose to create. Mindset will uplift or destroy you.

Today is Friday...What will you launch?

Instead of seeing this as an excuse to numb your troubles, choose it as a jump off point for your true greatness. What can you do TODAY that will change the course of your history?

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