People Of The Empire
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The poem would be about someone with depression and as they are about to give up and end there life they start to think about everyone else who had given up an life as they were about to

People Of The Empire

by aliciapinejxyy

Strength and Courage

An empire is like a countries sign of being courageous or being strong

Depression and Anxiety

People suffer everyday from depression and alot of them don't live a very long life, they decide it is better without them. They try to stand strong against life for as long as possible.


Most of the time the people suffering from depression have to live with forever stopping themselves everyday from just ending it all by just a few pills, a long drop or a deep cut. They are stron

Facades and Masks

People don't really understand this well but we are all wearing masks to try to hide our true feelings, for some it is transparent, but for others it is an unbreakable brick wall.


The great escape. It's just what everyone wants to leave all of their responsibilities and to be able to just fly away and live freely, to forget all who have wronged them. To forget themselves.


Everyone has a mask some are as thin as paper some as thick as brick. But something has to give or break before the wall falls. When we take the final strike our walls will crumble and lives end.

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