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aliceybalicey18 y/o, pronouns she/her,terribly lonely
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About me

by aliceybalicey

My name is Alice! I'm 18 years old, asexual, and female.

I'm the youngest of five children. I just graduated college.

I live in the USA. I'm very into music and Disney.

I wanted to be famous really badly when I was younger, so I've tried every form of social media to try and be famous. It hasn't worked yet.

Hopefully I'll be good at this!

If I'm not, sorry! Please be patient with me! Thank you!

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welcome!! graduating college at 18? that's really amazing!!! that's when most start! congratulations :)

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warm welcome!!! looking forward to reading :) being famous is overrated from what i hear. i can't say first hand since i'm not famous xP

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congratulations on graduating!!! what's your favorite disney movie