Popular Fictional Characters And Their Theme Songs
Popular Fictional Characters

      And Their Theme Songs books stories

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Fave Fic people and their songs! Comment below which fandom I should do next, and which song was your fave! Also if you find the question inside, comment the answer!

Popular Fictional Characters And Their Theme Songs

Hey y'all! I decided to, for once, do something on all the popular book character (Harry Potter Hunger Games, Rick Riordian books, etc.) If you don't know who someone is, look them up, and then listen to the song. It'll give you a basic idea of who they are. Be sure o comment below on which was your favorite and comment which fandom I should do next! -Anastasia

Harry Potter In My Blood- Shawn Mendes Cuz of his mom's blood protection.

Percy Jackson Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato fits him SO WELLLL!

Katniss Everdeen Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys exactly.

Draco Malfoy Me Too- Meghan Trainor its! perfect!

Zia Rashid No-Meghan Trainor Zia Rashid-----Carter Kane ok soon these slides, i chose the backround pics, cuz it looks like they are looking at each other

Carter Kane Don't Give Up On Me- Andy Grammer Carter Kane ----> Zia Rashid

Peeta Mellark Grenade- Bruno Mars YUP.

America Singer I'm Me- Stina Kayy I think that she is the example they based this on.

Ok Y'all thats it! I absoluty loved and enjoyd maing this, even though one of the songs was absolutly horrible. (comment on which one you think it was). TTYL Anastasia

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