Phoenix´s Flame
Phoenix´s Flame magic stories

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My best poem ever. Tell me if you agree!

Phoenix´s Flame

Phoenix Flames swirl around my head

Burning the designs into my retinas

The shockingly blue eyes of the bird

bore into my own with an intensity

normally seen in a statue, hard and cold

It lets out a cry, so beautiful and pure

that it brings tears to my stinging eyes

Its plumage ruffled and soft, waving

tickling my nose, daring me to move

His razor sharp talons, digging into

my knees, leaving scratches, pain

I twitch, and the beautiful creature

perched on my leg, strikes with might

Its sharp beak pecking and nipping

at my extremities, leaving marks

of hate and grief, hating ME

I outlived its master, and now

It belongs to me. My phoenix.

I just sit there, and feel the pain

earning trust the hard way

finally, it disintegrates

and I know I have won

I scoop up the ashes

bird and all

and place them in a dish

of gold and silver

and head to bed

the Phoenix Flames

still etched in my eyes

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