Nico DiAngelo In Poem* *any rhyming is unintentional btw :)
Nico DiAngelo In Poem*

*any rhyming is unintentional btw :) poem stories
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aliagraceshades i came out against my will.
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The first of many poems to come, about our fave fictional (sob) characters!

Nico DiAngelo In Poem* *any rhyming is unintentional btw :)

Born in the 30s found in the 90s tucked away in a casino hotel then sent to a school ruled by a monster barely got out but of fighting I was proud

Went to a camp overrun by myths Centaurs and Nymphs Demi's and Satyrs I was the son of the God of Death My sister the same same fate as me

but she joined a sisterhood and left me behind for immortality and strength gone on a quest I waited and waited for them to come home and her with them but it never happened, never and I was told she was gone

I let go of my emotion and broke through the ground skels and souls, running pel mel scaring the others and I ran I ran to the underworld where my dad resides in peace I grabbed some fast food and summoned some souls

Bianca said she couldn't come back, not to me at all I stayed in the Labyrinth and grew in the pain I was found by Him, and his goody girlfriend jealousy radiating through me messing up my focus

then we escaped not with ease or fun and I found a guy who could be the ONE Though I would never admit that I call him my significant annoyance

his name was Will and he was from Texas Calling me Darlin' calling me Sunshine I pretended to hate it but loved it for reals Just as I love him As he loves me

I still mourn for my sister and for my mom But now I have friends many of them Jason, Piper, Leo Percy, Annabeth, Hazel kinda Frank as well The seven me and Reyna

We all hang out together and have lots of fun we face all kinds of danger and then we battle as one That's how I came to be The Prince of Death I am Nico DiAngelo And I am Hell on Earth :D

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