Libraries and Lies
Libraries and Lies mystery stories
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A deadly shooting has occured at the local library. Figure out who did it! please dont report this, i have warned you.

Libraries and Lies

I walk through the doors and bask in the flurescent lights of the lcal library.

I wave to Mrs. Mcninley, an elderly irishwoman, who loves books almost as much as me.

I sit down at my regular table, and pull out my ipod. I turn on my favortie soundtrack. A mixture of Ed Sheeran, Adele, and One Direction.

I reach int my bag, and pull out my math home work, Then, a loud BANG, rocks the nealry silent room.

I look around, and see Mrs. Mcninley, lying in a pool of blood on the ground. Next to her is her son, Jackson

I run over, and hear someone dialing 911, but then i seethe hole in her chest. I drop to my knees, and feel for a pulse. There isnt one.

I stand up, and demand to know who did it. there isn't a lot of people. One person, Mr. Drake, says he was looking in the nonfiction section, for a book on cellular anatomy to teach his 6th graders.

Ms. Page says she wa son the microfiche for news articles on the challenger explosion.

Jackson says he was trying to change a light bulb, but got burned and fell of the desk.

Just then, the police pulled up, closesly followed by an ambulance.

The chief looked to me and said "do you know who did it?" I answer condfidently,


Who did she name? How did she know? Leave your answers in the comments!

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