Letters Vol. 1
Letters Vol. 1 letter stories

aliagraceshades Kinda Sorta getting obsessed with MHA..
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Plz read! very heartwarming. (at least I think so!)

Letters Vol. 1

Letter to an old friend.

Dear *******,

When I heard you were leaving, I only thought of myself, I started ignoring you in your time of need, and I was downright jerky to you when I wasn't ignoring you.

For that I am truly sorry. Not a day goes by, without me thinking of your face, what you would say and what you would do.

As I walk down the halls of our school, I can help but see you opening your locker or laughing at lunch. When someone says something funny, I immediately turn to share the joke with you.

I miss you terribly and Wish you would return to our lovely town. Even though we were 9 and 10, I felt a friendship so strong I thought it would never break.

I ruined it though, and if I could go back and time and fix it, I would, a thousand times over. You were more than a friend though, you were a brother, a protector, and a shoulder to to cry on.

I betrayed your trust and If you came back, I would be forever by your side. I know you felt the same, because of how you looked at me, and how you treated me, with love and care.

everything was perfect, our friendship, our houses were so close, I could see your house from mine, and our families loved each other, then I had to ruin it.

i am so sorry my friend, and hope that you forgive me.

Ok guys, This is the first of many letters I will be writing.

If you have any suggestions on who to write one to, please comment! First comment with an idea is the grand winner! I know it probably won't help, but it is getting stuff off my chest sometimes.

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