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Imaginary at the least, Perfect at the best, this recollection of friendship at its finest will warm your heart, and bring you back home.


I walk along the creek

Alone, but then again, not

I crouch down

And he does he same

The minnows dart

Around the pebbles

We toss softly

Creating ripples

On the glassy

Surface of life

I smile at him

And he smiles back

A couple passes me

and smiles at my stance

hunkered by the water

smiling at a glance

I resume the

steady pace

and he does the same

swinging his long and muscular arms

He flinches as a

child runs through him

then smiles at the glee

of being unleashed

We find a rock

and sit right there

He takes off his

socks and shoes

and I do the same

marveling at the sand under my feet

he wades in

no ripples created

I wander in after him

less gracefully

the waves come off me

like radiation

he splashes at me

and I retaliate

Soon it is a full out battle

people are looking

wondering at the girl who is

playing and splashing

apparently alone

no one near

we have a lot of fun

my imaginary friend and me.

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