Hunger Games (first book) character Theme songs
Hunger Games (first book)
character Theme songs hungergames stories

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Theme songs of all important characters in the first hunger games book of the trilogy!

Hunger Games (first book) character Theme songs

OK so the next series i am doing is the Hunger Games Trilogy + Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes,one book at a time.I will go by tributes first then the adults and then anyone else. in the comments please tell me which was your favorite, and/or tell me a fandom you or book series you would like me to cover next. Keep in mind that i might not have read or seen it yet so i might have to decline. Thanks! -Anastasia

DISTRICT ONE Marvel- Bad Blood-Taylor Swift True cuz of Rue. Glimmer- Confident-Demi Lovato

DISTRICT 2 Cato- Almost There- Princess and The Frog lol, cuz he almost won. Clove- How Far I'll Go- Moana i'm sticking to the disney theme for 2 cuz why not.

DISTRICT 5 Foxface- What does the Fox say fits don't it? all we heard is that she squealed.

DISTRICT 11 Thresh- Sound of Silence cuz hes alone and had no allis but still almost won. Rue-Don't Stop Believing (glee version) i chose the glee version cuz it sounds younger

DISTRICT 12 Peeta- Grenade- Bruno Mars Him ---> Katniss Katniss- Girl on Fire- Alicia Keys you know why i chose it.

HAYMITCH ABERNATHY The Lazy Song- Bruno Mars it fits, except he's not as happy as the song suggests. If you slow the song down however it sounds like hes drunk so it sounds like Haymitch would

Effie Trinket We Are Young- FUN! or Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves

Cinna Escape- Rupert Holmes

Prep team Im a Gummy Bear the Hamster Dance It Raining Tacos totally fits their cosseted life in the Capitol.

Cesar Flickerman Fashionista- Jimmy James

Mrs. Everdeen Beautiful Crazy cuz she is pretty and she lost her grip after the mining accident

Primrose Everdeen Safe and Sound- Capital Cities

Greasy Sae Chandelier- Sia

Gale Hawthorne Let Her Go- Passenger

Ok guys I think that's a wrap! Turn the Like button from Grey to Blue if you want me to continue on with this trilogy, and comment which Fandom I should do next! -Anastasia

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