Fred Weasley in Poem *Any rhyming is unintentional*
Fred Weasley in Poem

*Any rhyming is unintentional* poem stories

aliagraceshades Kinda Sorta getting obsessed with MHA..
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Fred Weasley in Poem! He seemed wothy, and I think you all will agree! If you haven´t read the books all the way through, i would not suggest reading this till you do.

Fred Weasley in Poem *Any rhyming is unintentional*

Born on the day that sums up my existence on this planet My brother my twin my best friend beside forever

we had fun and got in trouble til we got to go away to a school for magic we made another friend Lee Jordan was his name he helped us out in our dreams played a role of importance

We got better and better then in our 3rd year we met him Harry Potter he was scrawny and skinny kinda a git, but reasonable our lil bro befriended the git of dreams

we set off, teasing scrutinizing and observing those who were worthy and eager to help us tasting and testing our products much to the distaste of their friend Granger

We worked and worked fighting unjust times and then opened our shop delighting the community we fought for the boy who lived One of us lost an ear and then we hid from Him

drove auntie muriel up a WALL and earned more and more while having family time and appearing on potterwatch We then hurried to Hogwarts To figt against them And then I was lost to Dolohov, the idiot

I watch them all from above mostly George though He has a hard time but continues our legacy My name is Fred Weasley Trickster-Prankster- Tease Brother-Son-In_law Loved

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