Dear Commafulians
Dear Commafulians commaful stories

aliagraceshades Kinda Sorta getting obsessed with MHA..
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Please read, Important.

Dear Commafulians

This is a letter to all you guys who are huge on here.

Dear Commafulians,

I know I am not very popular (only 39 followers), but That doesn't mean my posts aren't going to be good! The past couple times I have posted ANYTHING, they have been ignored.

I thought Commaful was so I could publish written works, and have a bit of fun with other people who like to read and write as much as I do, and that is why I even joined. But this isn't that.

I can barely get people to read my stuff, forget liking or commenting! Please show a bit of love towards your fellow authors, and at least read what they are writing.

That would help us feel included and loved in the Commaful community. Thank You.

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