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Hey Y'allz! I came up with a challenge I think you guys will enjoy. The challenge is to write down your Covid story. I want details, because this is our event. Our parents' was the challenger ours will be this or 9/11. We all have one, but some of us need to act. this will be in books, and some of us could write books about this time in history. It is time, fro us as Commafullians to write History. Literally! -Anastasia


GUIDELINES -Can be a poem or a story -the back round must be relevant to one bit of info on the page -Must include some facts

TO START this is what your first page should look like other than the title: Username/name Country/State Age Fave Singer

It must have a minimum of 8 pages to qualify. To enter, tag 'CovidContest' and comment my name if you want, put the link in the comments, so i can get there quickly

If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to ask, as I am excited to hear yalls stories!

EDIT______ Sorry, i forgot to put the Date it needs to be in by! OOOOOOOpss the due date is February 10th. Thats 8 days from now, Feb 2nd, to write and publish your works. I will give more time if i don't get a lot of entries.

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