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aliagraceshades Kinda Sorta getting obsessed with MHA..
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They say everythings big in Texas. This is a BIg Story with a Big Problem and Big Consequenes.

please dont report this story.

Cattle Driven

I snap the reins on my palamino horse, sunflower, and rush around the mooing cattle, laughing with exilaration.

My ranch is home sweet home, to me, may animals

My Family

I finish rounding the cattle up, then go into the barn, and tak ethe saddle off Sunflower. After hanging up the tack, I give her a good grooming with currycomb and water.

I trudge back up to the house, the hot Texas Sun already beating down on me despite the early hour. On my porch, I nod my head at the pile of dogs, that despite the spaciousness of my piece of land, despite the 100 degree weather, insist on all piling, one on top of the other, in one corner of my porch.

Laughing to myself, i let myself in, and lament my lack of an AC unit. I go upstairs and turn on the shower. a COLD shower. I strip of my flannel PJ top my mom left me, and the jeans that i'm probably going to put right back on after the shower.

I marvel at the scars that two years of hard work can leave all over your body. A long thin scar on my arm from falling in the brambles while riding Sunflower. A dark, puckered one on my neck from being burned in a grass fire last summer. A bite mark from a snake on my, well, let's say it was a very uncomfortable school day.

AFter i spend eery minute I can in my shower, I get to work. Then a knock on the door shakes me out of a stupor while washing dishes. I look out the peephole, and almost pass out from the fright. Its Him. The man who gave me half the scars on my body. The psychopath. The Murderer.

Hes the one who killed my parents. The one who found me hiding in the haystack. WHo slashed almost every inch of my body., then left me for dead. I drove myself to the nearest hospital, still 23 miles away, and nearly lost all my blood.

I try and slow my breathing and say, "Just a minute!" in my most airy, friendly voice. I slip off my shoes, and dash up to my room, and get my hunting rifle. I hid it in the umbrella stand. Then, donning my shoes again. I open the door with a smile. "Hi!" Surprise flits across his face. "Hi..."

then he puts his hands in his back pocket. I stand aside and and clench my hand on the gun. "What do ya need?" I say in my most adorable accented , girly-girl voice.

"I need to take care of unfinished business." His deep voice drawls. And he pulls his hand out of his pocket. In a flash, I pull the rifle out, and hes then lying on the floor. His hand falls next ot him. I blanch at the sight.

He isn't holding a gun at all. hes holding a cell phone. I grab it, and call 911. Everything is a blur. Apprently the man was the identical twin brother of the murderer.

i am in a cell

i am in a cell I am in court

i am in a cell i am in court i am charged

I miss my life, I miss my soul I miss everything

Most of all, I miss Riding Sunflower, And herding Cattle.

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