Anti-Love War
Anti-Love War antilove stories

aliagraceshades i came out against my will.
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This may seem familiar, but it is for @wafflewaffle772 s antilove contest.

Anti-Love War




The noises of rage floated up through the bedroom floor shaking my furniture causing me pain

the internal burning had begun the screaming of craze filled my ringing ears making me nuts

hands over my ears listening to my parents fight throwing stuff breaking stuff

every now and then i hear my name fighting over me again i curl up into a ball and try to tune it out

why did they have to fight today of all days it's Valentine's day the anniversary of their engagement

I feel a stray tear roll down my cheek as I look to the dresser full of memories

pictures of them before I was born pictures of later on pictures of awards and medal ad pride

that was before the great divide that day of sorrow when everything cracked

their marriage my family my own withered pact

my pact to make everything ok and fine to make things happy even sublime

i fall asleep to a slamming door the screams of mirth

and i pray for mercy and help

for the end of their anti-love war.

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