Ailurophobia fur stories

aliagraceshades i came out against my will.
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The fear is exploding


Tiny little paws pad past my door the tapping of little claws on the hardwood floor

I curl up tighter in a little ball hand over my mouth barely breathing at all

I hear a little MEW and I know that the monster has found me and I hear the caw of a crow

I inch backwards scooching further back trying my hardest oh so hard not to crack

The long twitchy tail waves in the air forming a mark tall dark as I shrink in despair

I hit the back wall and tremble with fright bottles cascading down onto my head as I curse this very night

The door inches open I close my eyes the soft breathing bringing about my demise

I hear a muted sound a softly humming purr and flinch when against me rubs a soft fur

Then I hear a chuckle and the footsteps of fate as someone walks in I see its my mate

He scoops up the thing and pets its ugly head it stares at me daggers i cower instead

He then pushes it out the door with his foot it dashes down the hall and i listen to it scoot

He sits next to me and holds me close as I calm down slowly breathing harder now and I change my pose

That thing called a cat that has tormented me for years is gone at last

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