A letter on Valentines day
A letter on Valentines day incredibleliz stories
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A letter from, a lover on Valentines day

A letter on Valentines day

Dearest Darling

You are the best thing that has happened

to my decaying soul in a millenium

I have been crying internally while you are away

you are the stars in my sky

they wings of flight, on a bird of love

you are what gives me the will to live

to get up every morning

to see your marvelous face

and hear your angels voice calling

to me from the other side of the bed

and listening to you sing along with the radio

I live to see you, hear you.

You are mine and I am yours

forever and always, always and forever

when we are both gone

I will be by your side

for eternity

when we are dust

I will be dust with you

When we are angels

I will be your angel

and I will never leave you, darling

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