Famous Jungkook and Plain Me Pt.4k
Famous Jungkook  and Plain Me Pt.4k jungkook stories
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Famous Jungkook and Plain Me Pt.4k

Jungkook: You broke rule number 3

I was shocked and rolled my eyes. Alani: Why in the world would I like to fall for a joke like you? Are you crazy? I think that you broke that rule.

I pushed passed Jungkook and he grabbed me Jungkook: Hey please stop being mad at me

I looked down and then back at Jungkook. Alani: Ok I will stop being mad at you if you stop pushing me away as if I am poison.

Jungkook smiled. Jungkook: Ok but we have to get ready for that interview. Should we match?

I smiled and nodded. Alani: We're wearing black. Jungkook nodded and we went off to change.

When we arrived we were late and they rushed me and Jungkook to a room where we were supposed to walk out from to get onto the stage. Alani: oh God I am nervous.

Jungkook must have noticed my nervousness because he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and laughed. Jungkook: Hey if you're nervous don't be. I have been on TV thousands of times and if you're nervous you'll look bad. So please look good for the camera.

I looked at him and my nervousness turned into annoyance. Alani: I am not you. I don't look good. I am a bodyguard, not a model.

Jungkook started laughing. Jungkook: Why are you getting so mad. I am not trying to make you feel bad. And people will love you.

I looked at as if asking if he was serious. Alani: Mhm...This is different.

Jungkook patted my back and smiled. Jungkook: You're beautiful. People will love you. Just smile and light their worlds up.

I nodded and then we heard the MC say our names. I put on my best smile and we started to walk out and to my surprise, Jungkook had wrapped his arm around my waste.

When I saw the crowd they were clapping as we made our way to a big couch so we could be interviewed. When we were in front of the MC who was a female she shook our hands and she looked at me shortly before she looked at Jungkook and her eyes lingered on him.

I pushed it off and we sat down as the crowd had settled down a bit.

MC: Hello guys today we are with Jeon Jungkook of BTS and Alani. How are you two doing? She asked looking at us both but mostly Jungkook.

Jungkook: Well we're doing good. I mean my lovely girlfriend was a little nervous to get here and be on the show but I assured her that I would be right with her the whole time.

MC: That's great but when did you two get together. It must have not have been long since this is the first time we have ever seen her. The crowd was quiet and I could see Jungkook didn't have an answer.

Alani: Honestly, we've been dating for about 3 months. We were good at hiding due to my job. No one would have ever even known. I winked at the MC who suddenly looked at me.

MC: Ok, well how did you two meet? You don't seem to be famous.

Jungkook: Actually we meet in the best way. It was kinda funny too. Jungkook said while looking at me smiling.

Jungkook: Tell her the story, Babe.

I took a breath and nodded. Alani: So I'm a bodyguard for celebrity's and Jungkook was at an American award show when I was taking care of Halsey. I accidentally pushed Jungkook and didn't notice until I saw him on the ground looking at me confused.

MC: So you were doing your job poorly? How could you be protecting one celebrity and knock another down?

I looked at her annoyed. Alani: Actually for your information, I am one of the best bodyguards out there. I was doing my job just fine. Why don't you do your job and interview both of us?

She looked a little taken aback but laughed. MC: Jungkook is this really your type. A girl who can't control her anger.

Jungkook was starting to get upset. Jungkook: As a matter of fact yea. We may get into arguments over stupid stuff but she gets to see the real me. And you can stop talking to my girlfriend like she isn't important.

Jungkook looked at me. Jungkook: I think we are done here.

I looked at the MC and waved as Jungkook and I walked off the stage together leaving the MC shocked.

Once offstage Jungkook looked at me smiling. Jungkook: Are you ok?

I nodded. Alani: yeah thanks for getting me off the stage. I was started to get really upset with her questions towards me.

Jungkook: She was being disrespectful and I wasn't gonna let her be mean to my girlfriend.

Alani: Yea.

Jungkook was about to say something when he got a call. He looked at the caller ID and then at me. Jungkook: We're in trouble.

I looked confused. Alani: Who is it?

Jungkook: Hitman Bang

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