Famous Jeon Jungkook and Plain Me ~Pt.2
Famous Jeon Jungkook and Plain Me ~Pt.2 stories

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"You are now Jungkook's girlfriend" "WHAT!"

Famous Jeon Jungkook and Plain Me ~Pt.2

"You are now Jungkook's girlfriend"


Jungkook just got up and left the meeting room angry.

I was so shocked and confused I just stayed in the room even when everybody left but what really stayed in my head was that I would have to go live with them now and I wasn't even permitted

to protect them in any dangerous situations.

When I went home I had to pack all my stuff so I could be moved into the house with BTS. I was so nervous though.

When I got there I was told they didn't have any extra rooms so I had to stay with Jungkook in his room.

"Sorry, Alani but you have to sleep with Jungkook. Also even though Jungkook may act like he doesn't like you, you should know that he really is nice and-

Jungkook walked in and rolled his eyes at me and said: "I have some rules."

I frowned a little knowing he really was cold to me.

"First off, don't touch me when you lay down next to me. Second, we are only going to act like a couple in public. Third, don't fall in love with me."

I wanted to smack that little smile off his face but instead, I gave him a cold look and said "Then that goes for you too. Jeon Jungkook."

Namjoon just walked out shaking his head and laughing.

I walked out of the room after Namjoon and said: "You sure that jerk even has a heart let along a brain?!"

Namjoon laughed again and said "You too need to behave and go to sleep. We have an interview in the morning all of us including you Alani." Namjoon then patted me on my head and walked away.

I groaned and walked into the room and meet a shirtless Jungkook. I then cover my eyes walk into the bathroom. I then whispered "Weirdo"

That night after I got into my clothes I lay next to Jungkook who I thought was sleep. and said, "Well maybe Jungkook and I will make it through this interview."

I look at Jungkook's face and he looks so cute. "Man I swear that I broke the 3rd rule already. I mean you are really worth falling for Jungkook even when you are being really cold. I...just...



I lay my head on Jungkook's chest and hear his heartbeat which makes mine skip a beat.

Jungkook's P.O.V

I heard a little confession. I just couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth.

I then felt her lay on my chest and when I felt her heartbeat slow down and heard lightly snore and knew she was sleep I opened my eyes and looked at her face.

She was cute and I just kissed her forehead.

I wrapped my arm around her pulling her close to me and closed my eyes falling asleep with her.

Alani P.O.V

The Next Morning

I woke up and When I tried to sit up Jungkook's arm was wrapped around my waist holding me to his chest. I looked up at his face and see his beautiful sleeping face.

I leaned closer to his face and our faces were just centimeters away from each other.

I stared at his face and then...

Jungkooks eyes opened fast and scared me making me...


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