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alhs I write to express my feelings i guess
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Don't you wish life could pause for just a second?


Can we take a pause for a second?

Life moves too fast

One minute youre friends

The next you end up falling in love with your best friend

And then 10 minutes later you lost two people

Your boyfriend and your best friend, all rolled into one

And just when things start to get better

Your grandpa dies

Then your uncle dies a couple days later

The world doesn't pause for anyone

I wish it did

And then you reach out to your ex boyfriend/best friend asking for help

Of course, they make things worse

I just want to take a pause!

But no one will let me

I just want to pause and go back to when I didn't lose 4 people all at once

I want to go back to when all my best friends lived in the same city

And when I lived with my parents

I want to see that happy young girl I was

Who isn't hiding behind a smile or a closed door

I just want life to take a pause

So I can digest what just happened

In the matter of one month I lost the love of my life and my grandpa

I already lost my grandma and I couldn't go to her funeral

I couldn't go to anyones funeral

I just want to say my goodbyes

But no one will let me

No will let me pause

I just want to pause and breathe

But over this course of 2019

I learned that life doesn't pause for anyone

No matter how much you beg

No matter how much you wish it did

Life keeps going forward

And you have to flow with it

Life moves too fast to drown yourself in the past

Life moves too fast

There are no pauses

There are no do overs

Just memories

Memories are pauses

One minute youre here

One minute we are strangers

One minute someone dies

One minute someone is born

Every minute something happens

There are no pauses in life

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